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Helps You Fight Chronic Conditions When Other Options Fail

— Are you suffering from a debilitating medical condition that’s causing you to lose control of your life?
— Have you been told there’s no cure and you must
live with your illness for life?
— Has
your condition worsened over time
 despite using prescription medicines?

What are the potential benefits of Regenerative Medicine?

Everyone is unique, everyone has different diagnosis and symptoms.

This is why we look thoroughly through your medical history and lab results to determine if regenerative medicine is a potential for you. We want you to know if it is safe, possibly effective, and what it could potentially bring to your life.

Reported possible outcomes include:


Give Your Health the Attention it Deserves

Decreased Medication

Regenerative Medicine Therapies have the ability to repair your body naturally so that potentially, you can reduce your medication intake to ideally none at all so you can avoid any harmful chemicals and their side effects.

Restore Body Functions

Imagine the possibility of having a symptom reduced and productive day. With Regenerative Medicine Therapies, you are giving yourself a greater chance to manage your symptoms.

Decreased Pain

Regenerative Medicine Therapy may help to alleviate symptoms of your condition to allow you a more comfortable daily life without having to take prescription medicine with possible long term effects.

With Stemedix Stem Cell Therapy, You Have Options

Your treatment starts with a FREE phone assessment with one of our Care Coordinators. There are no obligations so there is no pressure to commit, only an opportunity to see what options you may have. If you’re hearing about expanded stem cell therapy for the first time or are continuing your research, call one of our Care Coordinators to help provide you with information and our offerings.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Have you been seeking an alternative option for your condition and want to explore what Regenerative Medicine could do for you?

Discover more about cultured  and expanded stem cells and what your options are.

Do you have a loved one that you want to get more education on Regenerative Medicine and how it may help them?

What is Expanded Stem Cell Therapy?


Experience Stem Cell


in Costa Rica

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As one of the originating Costa Rica service providers, we know the importance of having a worry-free experience, so we make sure to additionally help with transportation services to those regenerative medicine treatment.

Hotels in the Area

What Can I Expect?

Our Costa Rican facility provides the latest Regenerative Medicine advancements with Autologous & Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy along with beneficial enhancement treatments that can potentially help repair damaged tissues or as a preventative approach. 

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are considered undifferentiated cells that have the ability to replicate many tissues of the body, including those damaged by chronic inflammation, to potentially provide relief of symptoms and rate of progression for a wide range of autoimmune, orthopedic, and neurological conditions. 

Our clinic has the equipment and experience to culture and expand mesenchymal stem cells derived from some umbilical cord tissue.  This expansion technique increases the number of MSCs allowing the physicians to provide an optimal and customized treatment plan. The umbilical cord tissue is donated with an informed consent and performed screening to ensure quality and safety of tissue. The cells are then harvested from the umbilical cord and put through an additional screening and sterilization protocol that must be passed in order to expand and use the cells. The cells are processed in a ISO-7 cleanroom lab that maintains air cleanliness levels of a maximum of 10,000 particles per cubic foot. There is a weekly measure of particles to ensure clean levels are met.

Once you have checked into the hotel of your choice, you will be provided with your weekly itinerary details, pre- and post-treatment instructions and care, as well as local hotel and area accommodations. Your week will include a pre-operative appointment with the performing physician and their medical staff to review any questions you may have and the treatment day expectations. There is also a post-operative appointment to monitor the healing process of your treatment and change dressing of the incision site.

The treatment process begins with a mini-liposuction to extract up to 200cc (approximately 3/4 cup) of adipose tissue. The cells will be placed through an anti-body filtration process. You will have vials of blood drawn which will be placed in the centrifuge system to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is then added to the stem cell concentration.

Based on your treatment plan, the cells are then reintroduced into the body. The methods could include one or more of the following methods; Intravascularly (IV), intranasal injection, intra-articular injection, intrathecal injection, or nebulizer treatment.

While getting rejuvenating treatment with Stemedix you will be staying in the luxurious section of San Jose called Escazú. The name Escazú comes from the indigenous voice 'Iz-Kat-Zu', which means 'place to rest'. That is exactly what we aim for you to do, Rest, Relax, and Heal.

We can provide you with recommended hotels to stay that provide ideal accommodations to meet your comfort and medical needs. Escazú's hotels have modern architecture and are surrounded by beautiful scenery and plenty of shopping and dining options. Some familiar to the US.

Enjoy the Healing Process...

Located within minutes of the hotels is the MultiPlaza Mall, one of the most modern and high-end shopping centers in all of Latin America. 

You can shop for well-known brands and stop to get a bit to eat at a familiar place. 

If you want more of a cultural experience there are several high-end shopping centers located within walking distance of your hotel that offer local cuisine and handmade artisan goods.



Why Costa Rica?

The World Health Organization ranked Costa Rica’s health system as one of the top three Latin America countries, ranked even higher than United States and New Zealand.

Language is no barrier since our staff and many local facilities are fluent in English.

The culture in Costa Rica is family-oriented, friendly and visitors are assured that they will receive a warm and hospitable welcome not
only by the Stemedix clinical staff but also from other locals.

The cost of medical treatments in Costa Rica varies from a third to even a fourth of what it can cost in the United States or Canada.

Procedures considered experimental and not authorized to be performed in the United States can be performed safely in Costa Rica.

As required by law, medical practitioners carry liability insurance at all times, giving patients protection and coverage from malpractice.

Costa Rica is known as a prime Eco-tourism destination so visitors are assured of majestic views, amazing destination spots and a temperate climate. These factors assure medical tourists of an excellent vacation experience that is conducive for recovery and relaxation.

Stem Cell Therapy Package

Let Stemedix provide you with a worry-free regenerative medicine experience.  Our medical team in San José will provide you with a customized treatment plan according to your medical history and current blood panels. 

We believe that wellness is personal and treatment should be personalized to fit your needs.

  • Single Day Treatment
  • Personal car service to and from airport and appointments
  • 1 treatment of Vitamin C & Glutathione
  • 1 treatment of PRP Therapy
  • 1 treatment of Ozone Therapy
  • 1 treatment of Antibiotic Therapy
  • 50cc Bone Marrow Aspirate derived stem cells 

3 Day 2 Night ($7900)

Expanded Stem Cell Package - 10 Million Cells ($12,500)

Expanded Stem Cell Package 40 Million Cells ($27,500)


Experience Stem Cell
in Costa Rica

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Financing Options Available

  • 4 Day Treatment 
  • Personal car service to and from airport and appointments
  • 2 treatments of Vitamin C & Glutathione
  • 2 treatments of PRP Therapy
  • 2 treatments of Ozone Therapy
  • 2 treatments of Antibiotic Therapy
  • 100cc Bone Marrow Aspirate derived stem cells